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I have nothing but praise for Daniel Hines! The small company group we have with so many health issues has been a challenge every year until a friend recommended Hines Life and Health last year and I'm very grateful. We just went through our second year of open enrollment and he is so smooth, patient and dependable.

We can always complain about the not so great service we get while going through the typical activities of our days, like going to the grocery store, restaurants, etc. What about people you engage on the phone, trying to get them to be patient with you while explaining your situation, etc.? We all have, or will at some point in our lives have to experience and engage the health industry where we will encounter, and witness how desensitized it has become with regard to client and patient care across the board. I recently discovered it being in ICU, hospitalized with sepsis pneumonia, then afterwards having to go through, doctor’s offices, and all paperwork that was generated from it, and the agony that people endure going through these processes. The only place and person I could truly depend on was my health insurance agent, Daniel Hines. He was able to help me same day with any and all questions that I posed to him. I can only imagine the work load he must have had at that time during enrolment; he is in a position that demands so much with regards to working through initial intake conversations and then following up. Daniel managed to take away the feeling of stress and anxiety while I was going through process answering any and all questions to reassure me that there would be no worries and that everything would be fine. We often think that the path to healing begins with the doctor, where in fact the road and critical path to healing starts with the first person you speak to about it. I found that one of the very important aspects of recuperation is how to deal with the stress that comes with circumstances that surround the associated issues mentioned. Daniel always followed up, and treated me like an individual, not just a file in the computer with a name on it. Daniel unlike many people in this industry took the time, and had the patience to explain to me the process in laymen terms, so I could comprehend it without it being over my head. Not once did I ever feel stressed, or felt that there would not be some type of resolve after speaking with him. I have never been treated in such a professional manner by anyone in many years. In closing, I have known Daniel Hines for almost 2 years now and just wanted to take this opportunity to thank him for the person he is, his patience, all that he does, and the help he has given me. Thank you Daniel for your support in helping me get through the gauntlet of the medical insurance industry process. Les Hammond

When it comes to Insurance, Mr. Hines is the right person to call. He was very instrumental in helping my husband with his insurance needs. We were not happy with our past insurance, but Mr. Hines made it all possible again. It was just like one call that's all. And he had insurance. Thank you Mr. Hines Adrienne and Johnny, Washington GA

When it comes to insurance, trust is a big issue for me. I ran across Mr. Hines by accident and after dealing with and him listening to what I needed for my family I couldn't be more satisfied. He is honest and trustworthy and that says a lot for people in the workplace! 

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