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By far the most knowledgable and approachable insurance people I have spoken with. They really do understand business, construction and a lot of other things that surprised me and they have no problem sharing information and answering questions - even if you're not a customer yet (I am now).

I'm new to the roofing business and had no insurance and I called for a quote but didn't buy it (because I didn't have my first job yet). Although I wasn't a customer yet Kelly still spent over 30 minutes educating me on the legal issues of paying workers as 1009 subs instead of employees plus telling me how my insurance rates were determined and a lot more. It was a GREAT education and I called back three weeks later and purchased my insurance from him.

Not only did Hearth save me $1,700 on my liability insurance but for the first time since I've been paying for it someone took the time to actually explain to me what I'm paying for and how it works. My old agent should have done that. I can't recommend these guys enough.

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