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7870 Highway 55 Golden Valley Shopping Center
Golden Valley, MN 55427
(763) 746-2242

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Harlan is a real pro and I would highly recommend Harlan for his expertise.

Harlan has helped me every time I've called!

Harlan has been a great resource covering multiple properties and vehicles. His insight has been invaluable and he is extremely responsive. On several occasions I have had an urgent need and with a text I have a return call. Harlan has delivered quick turn on policy changes and updates as well as insight into additional policies, coverage and limits. Harlan makes the effort for personal connections and this makes working with him a pleasure.

I've had an insurance policy with Harlan for the past 5 years. He provides excellent customer service! He recently reviewed my policy and suggested a change. I was able to get better coverage for both my home and auto policy. The best part was that I'm saving lots of money on the new policy!

Harlan did a great job with helping find the best options to protect me and my family and saved us a lot of money at the same time! I highly recommend Harlan Rossmann Agency for all of your insurance needs.

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