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Hardt Insurance - Investing for the Future
As anyone knows who owns a home or business property, the time eventually comes when you need to invest and make updates to keep up with the forces of time and nature. For us here at Hardt Insurance, that time has come as we’ve been in the midst of making updates to our building. ...

Michigan Homeowners Insurance and the Pandemic
If you’ve taken a trip to the lumberyard lately to pick up materials for a home project, you know the cost of building materials is going crazy right now. Meanwhile, it’s tough to find a contractor with time to fit new projects into their schedules....

Michigan Auto Insurance Reform Recap
Changes in Auto Insurance Laws Could Mean It's Time to Review Your Insurance As you’ve probably heard, the State of Michigan has overhauled the Automobile no-fault system in an effort to reduce premium costs for consumers.  The bulk of those changes took effect in July 2020....

Michigan Auto Insurance Reform Update
When the state passed laws in June 2019 to help control increasing automobile insurance prices, like anything in life, for consumers there will be positives and negatives.  Part of the law took effect immediately, but the main areas affecting pricing don’t take effect until July 2020....

Autumn Home Maintenance Checklist
The time before the coming winter months are a key time to do some preventative maintenance around your home. Winter can be the toughest season on a home, so it's best to be prepared. Freezing temperatures, weight of snow, or ice build-up can all cause problems for any home....

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