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What Happens If You Don’t Get SR-22 Insurance?
After a conviction of high-risk driving activities, the state of Illinois may ask you to prove that your auto liability insurance meets the state’s minimum requirements with an SR-22 form.   Contact Hanway Insurance in Oak Lawn, Illinois, for help navigating the requirements and getting the appropriate coverage if you must file SR-22....

Why Do You Need Auto Insurance in Illinois?
Each state determines the auto insurance requirements for vehicles registered there. Illinois drivers must maintain minimum auto liability insurance and uninsured motorist coverage for bodily injury, but all other coverages are optional.   ...

What Is an SR-22?
The Illinois Secretary of State may require an SR-22 certificate, also called proof of financial responsibility, to show that your auto insurance policy meets the state minimum requirements for liability coverage.   Illinois drivers may be required to file an SR-22 certificate if they have any of the following:  ...

How to Make the Most of Your Motorcycle Road Trip
Planning out a motorcycle road trip before heading out may not sound as appealing as being behind the handlebars, but it can spell the difference between a great trip and one that’s memorable for all the wrong reasons. A road trip on your motorcycle is a different beast than traveling in your family car....

How Much Does an SR22 Raise Your Rates?
Among other repercussions, certain driving violations can lead a court to issuing you an SR22 requirement. An SR22 is a form that states you carry the amount of insurance as required by your state. This is often required when a driver is caught operating a vehicle without insurance....

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