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Life Insurance is for People of All Ages
Why would a person who just turned 20 want to buy life insurance? Why would a young couple with two young children need to have a policy? Is there any reason for a retired person on Social Security to have life insurance? While not everyone who is in a similar situation as described above needs life insurance, most can benefit by having coverage....

Having General Liability Insurance Helps Demonstrate Your Responsibility
Having general liability insurance helps demonstrate your company is responsible and dedicated. When it comes to choosing who to do business with, your clients may require it. It is always a good idea to choose a policy that accurately reflects risks. Having too much does not help....

How to Prepare Your Small Business for a Storm
If a storm, tornado or flood destroyed your workplace tomorrow, what would happen to the business? Preparing for catastrophe is something that all business owners should consider well before forecasts call for bad weather. Your independent insurance agent likely has contacts and resources that can help you prepare for Mother Nature’s worst....

BOP?Coverage for Business Property and Contents?
What does a business owners policy (BOP) cover? It is one of the most frequently asked questions about business insurance. It provides you with valuable protection when it comes to operating your company.   Many insurers offer this type of policy. It works to combine some of the most important protections most companies need....

Is General Liability Insurance Enough for a Business?
You never want a customer to experience a problem with your business services. However, there is no guarantee that they won’t. And, if someone experiences a problem in the business, then they might blame you for the problem. That’s why you likely need liability insurance....

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