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An SR-22 is needed when you are deemed a high-risk driver. The role of this type of insurance provides a higher level of protection for other drivers. Maintaining this type of coverage is essential in not losing your license. It is important to maintain this policy in accordance with your state laws....

Homeowners and Flood Policies & What Determines Premium
Flood and Your Homeowners Insurance Policy  When you start thinking about insurance, there are a lot of different terms and policy options that can be easily misunderstood. Many consumers don’t realize the full extent of what their policies do and don’t cover, some don’t un...

Tips On Getting A Low Premium
Getting the Lowest Premium Possible Insurance is a peace of mind that will save you financially in case of an accident. Even though it helps, sometimes the premium can be somewhat steep. There are many ways in which we can save some money on the insurance premium....

In The Event Of An Auto Accident
Whether we are prepared or not, an auto accident can happen when we least expect it. Being involved in an auto accident can be painful, frightening, and the claims process can be time consuming if you’re unaware of what you should do after an accident. Your insurer would like a speedy claims process just as much as you do....

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