Gerelli Insurance Agency, Inc.

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23 Lady Blue Devil Lane
Cold Spring, NY 10516
(845) 265-2220

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Jillian is absolutely worth her weight in gold! She is knowledgeable, compassionate, and a powerhouse. Anytime I need her she is available to help me. I couldn't be happier with her service. Having an insurance agent to help navigate this difficult area is completely worth it, and Jillian is the person to do it!

You all are so helpful and prompt when attending to my concerns. I recommend you every chance I get

It was very personable. The quote I received was significantly lower than the Geico quote for me and my daughter to both be on the insurance. Very kind and helpful, would definitely recommend.

The agent was just very kind and helpful. The agency felt human and intimate, as opposed to a huge corporation that didn't care.

Great staff! Always very informed and very responsive, making all my interactions with you over the years quite satisfying.

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