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Do You Need Builder’s Risk Insurance to Protect Your Worksite?
Construction can be a rewarding career. Many people enjoy seeing the tangible fruits of their labor. But it does not come without risks. Being that buildings are not erected overnight, your projects are exposed to a host of risks—severe weather, fire, flooding, theft and more—throughout the process of construction, which could take many months....

What Type of Property Insurance Does Your Business Need?
The property used to run your business—building(s), signs, furniture, computers, equipment, inventory and more—is a very large investment that can greatly benefit from insurance protection. In fact, commercial property insurance is so valuable that even though it’s not required by law, many landlords require you to purchase a policy before renting in their building....

Insuring Your Pet and Insuring Your Home
You might wonder why a pet needs insurance coverage. What kind of insurance coverage will cover a pet? Your dogs and cats are likely very precious to you. Pet insurance coverage can protect not only your pets, but also the risks your pets pose to others.  ...

What to Know About Cyber Security
Cyber security is crucial these days when practically everything is stored online or electronically. If you have clients, you typically have information about them stored somewhere, such as their name, address and/or a credit card. A breach of any of this information could be devastating, from the loss of a sense of security to identity theft....

Do Contractors Need Equipment Breakdown Coverage?
Whether you are a general or specialized contractor, you probably know that it’s important to keep all of your projects on schedule and within budget. Any setback might put a dent in those plans, but you likely know that you can’t avoid every risk of something potentially going wrong....

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