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Will My Property Insurance Cover Termite Damage?
You strive to keep your business property durable, clean and secure. However, at times, you cannot keep out every pest. Termites might be small, but they can wreak major damage on your business if you don’t control them. If termites create damage, you might wonder if your insurance will pay for their removal and structural repairs....

When Do I Need Commercial Auto Insurance
insurance.  A good commercial auto insurance policy will help protect:  Your company;  Your employees;  The business’ vehicles; and  Other drivers on the road.  ...

Do I Need Commercial Property Insurance?
Commercial property insurance can come in many different <business packages> such as a <business owners policy> or you can purchase it alone. Keep in mind that commercial property covers physical perils and doesn’t include liability protection.  ...

Umbrella Coverage: An Important Addition to Homeowners Insurance
Umbrella insurance typically provides coverage that is not offered by an individual's auto, renters or homeowners insurance. Incidents that generate liability due to personal injury or property damage can potentially result in monetary claims that are not fully covered by one's primary policies.   ...

Managing Worker’s Compensation Claims Over State Lines
States control many of the elements of workers’ compensation insurance. Considering this, it can be hard to manage the rules and requirements of this type of insurance if you have employees who work across state lines. As a business owner, you want to protect your team....

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