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General liability insurance is a flexible coverage that protects your business from certain claims and lawsuits related to common accidents. There are different limits available for general liability insurance policies that can be adjusted depending on your business’ needs, so it is important to consider different aspects of your business when it comes to finding coverage....

How Accidents Affect Your Auto Insurance Rates
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The Necessity of Workers’ Compensation Insurance
As a business owner, you must be responsive to your employees’ needs. If they were to sustain an injury or illness on the job, then you need to be able to step in to help them out during their recovery. By having appropriate workers’ compensation insurance in place, you will be able to do so....

Does Workers Compensation Cover Employee Fights?
Workers compensation is designed to cover injuries an employee may face while working. There are some exclusions under workers compensation, however, including how the injury occurs.  There are certain circumstances in which a workers compensation claim will not be accepted when it comes to fights between coworkers....

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Commercial vehicle operators need the essential benefits that commercial auto insurance provides. It’s there to protect you in case of challenging vehicle hazards, regardless of whether your business owns a single car, a fleet of vehicles, or lets employees use their own cars in the line of work....

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