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Margaret Galewski saved me from having my FL DL cancelled! During the COVID pandemic, my wife and I bought a house in Virginia, sold our house in Sarasota, FL - and moved north. We established new insurance in VA, which is what our former insurance carrier said we had to do. Unfortunately, the DMV in VA is by appt only - so 6 weeks later, we still have been unable to transfer everything over to VA. We got a revocation notice that my FL license would be suspended, as well as the registrations on all of our cars unless we could get FL insurance re-established. FL makes no concessions for pandemic...I called 4 times - and got the same answer. Margaret cheerfully got right to work for us - but also recommended calling one of her competitors to make sure all options were on the table. The competitor (a major household name) was unable to help us, and neither was our previous carrier. Margaret picked up the phone - and called a bunch of underwriters on our behalf - and was able to get an underwriter to agree to insure us. It was all above board too, which was a requirement for us - and for her. Other agents might have suggested telling partial truths to get insured - but Margaret was fully open and just pleaded our case. I should also mention that the revocation notice from FL was delayed because it was sent to our previous address...so we had 1 day to resolve this situation! Margaret pulled it off - and saved the day! We are very grateful to Margaret for helping us out in a very stressful situation. The rate wasn't bad either...which also shocked us. Margaret, you are amazing! Thank you!

We have used Margarets services since we bought a property in Florida several years ago. Margaret is easy to contact, reliable and one of the few agents that follow up and advice you on your policies on a regular basis. Living outside the US for extended periods of time, it is really important to have an agent that make sure you have the best insurance at competitive prices. We would like to recommend Margaret to anyone looking for great service, Erik & Elisabeth Reitan (Norway & Florida)

Great Service and people!! Thank you for your help today!!

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