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I am within the insurance industry and I believe in providing excellent service and have expectations of receiving the same service when attending to my own personal insurance needs. I had to take the time out to thank Mr. Joaquin Velez of the Fulton Agency for his attentive assistance with replacing my homeowners and auto coverage. I was sharing with his fiancee that I really needed to shop my homeowners coverage as it is renewing on 04/09/20 and my auto coverage renews in May. I then remembered her fiancee Joaquin worked in insurance as well. She took no time to pick up the phone and call him to advise that I would be contacting him. I emailed him all of me and my husband's information, requests for increased coverage amounts, prior policies , alarm certificate and mitigation inspection. Within a few hours I had my homeowners and auto quotes showing more coverage and so much less than what I was originally paying. I was also offered an additional coverage to assist with my hurricane deductible I had never heard of before. This blew my mind!!! I will tell you why. I have been within the insurance industry for over 30 years and it was great to encounter another fellow agent who has the same passion to ensure their client is placed with the best carriers, pays close attention to detail and have an amazing personality and work ethic! I really appreciated his commitment to ensure everything was in place for me on time. My prior agency advised they would have something for me within a week while Joaquin took care of me within a day! Now that is SERVICE!

Futon Agency is the BEST! I have been using them for over 20 years and they have helped me with several claims. They get it right and fast. I always have great experiences with this firm. Dean and his brother are always available if you need more specific assistance. I can not give them enough praise for everything they have been involved with. They know insurance very well and are gentlemen. I would never go to anyone else!


Thank you Marcia for the great work in finding us a replacement homeowners insurance policy. The effort you gave in coordinating between our former insurer and our bank was beyond any assistance we've received in a long time. Service like that is unheard of today. You are to be commended and are greatly appreciated!


Marcia is wonderful as I have been dealing with her for years. So VERY patient, always helpful and goes above and beyond every single time.


I can't thank Marcia and the team at Fulton Agency enough for all of their assistance in helping me to secure insurance for my newly inherited property in Florida. Not only has this been a difficult time with the loss of my mother, trying to manage the transfer from Ohio has been challenging. But Marcia has made the process smooth and virtually painless.

I have managed sales individuals for most of my career. Hence, I recognize and greatly appreciate quality customer service. Marcia has gone above and beyond to meet my needs, kept me informed along the way, and provided immediate responses to my many questions.

I sincerely hope Fulton Agency recognizes the quality and value Marcia brings to their customers.

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