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BOP Protects Commercial Property You Own, Lease or Rent
A business owner’s policy, known as BOP, is a type of business insurance that can work well for many types of businesses. Most companies have assets to protect, employees to safeguard and liability risks. That is why a BOP policy can be ideal....

3 Tips to Find the Right Home Insurance Policy For Your Family
Homeowners insurance is a necessary part of home ownership. When you buy a home, your mortgage lender usually requires you to get coverage.   Carrying a policy helps protect you and the lender against common threats and losses. You also want coverage that gives you peace of mind....

Missed an Auto Insurance Payment: What to Do Now
Usually, making your payment at one time to cover the entire coverage period is best. If that’s not possible, many insurers allow you to make monthly payments. However, missing just one of those payments can lead to the cancellation of your policy. What should you do if the check wasn’t in the mail in time?...

Farm Insurance and Security for Barns and Outbuildings
Think of how much it cost you to construct a barn, silo or equipment garage. You don’t want to watch that investment be destroyed in a tornado or go up in flames in a fire. And to make matters worse, you certainly don’t want someone to enter these buildings and damage them or steal the items inside....

Why You Need Boat Insurance Year-Round
You can pretty much guess that you will need boat insurance during the summer. Every time you are on the water, you take the chance of something happening to your boat, and to others’ property. This can be devastating, but having boat insurance can help remedy the problem.   ...

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