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In this day and age, the amount of information being stored online is constantly increasing. Some of this information may be confidential, and some may be so sensitive that a data breach could threaten the future of your business.  ...

Personal Umbrella Insurance: Claims Against Your Teen
Why do you need to have personal umbrella insurance? Most homeowners and individuals believe they are not at risk for lawsuits. You do your job, you come and go as you should and you don’t do anything to bother other people. Yet, mistakes can happen and in some cases, there may be no way to avoid the risks you face....

How Much Should My Dwelling Coverage Be?
As you shop for home insurance, your agent may ask you how much dwelling coverage you would like to buy. Dwelling coverage is the amount of financial help you receive to cover the structure of the home. It is sometimes called Coverage A.   ...

Farm Insurance and Crop Protection
We all know that the weather is fickle and can ruin a picnic or a vacation. Having those events ruined is no fun, plus it's inconvenient. But for a farmer, the fickle weather can be much more than inconvenient; it can be devastating. Weather can ruin a crop or reduce the yield. So, what can a farmer do for protection?...

5 Things You May Not Know About Renters Insurance
Many renters overlook buying renters insurance because of they believe it to be an unneeded cost. However, here are five things to consider about renters insurance that you might not have been aware of before:  1. Landlord is not responsible: Your landlord is not responsible for the items that you have inside of your apartment....

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