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Why You Should Review Your Business Insurance Annually
Business is always changing, so it's essential that you take a little time each year to step back and evaluate your insurance portfolio. While most of your energy goes into growing and moving your business forward, it's important to have appropriate coverage....

Why You Need More Coverage than a BOP Alone?
Why You Need More Coverage than a BOP Alone   Small businesses want to have strong insurance benefits in place. After all, they often have the most to lose in case of a significant financial challenge.  One way for small business owners to get a lot of their commercial benefits in one convenient place is to buy a business owners policy (BOP)....

Are You Prepared? - Floods
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Should I File a Car Insurance Claim or Pay Out of Pocket After an Accident??
Should I File a Car Insurance Claim or Pay Out of Pocket After an Accident?   The decision to pay out of pocket or file a claim after an accident should vary depending on the circumstances—especially the severity of the damages involved.  ...

When Does Farm Insurance Pay Out?
When Does Farm Insurance Pay Out?   Although farm insurance has several unique aspects, the claims process is much the same as any other business insurance policy. When you file a claim on any part of your farm insurance policy, you will need to follow the normal claims process, along with waiting the proper length of time to receive compensation....

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