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I was referred to Foxx insurance by a friend, but I didn't know how well and amazing everyone was with me. My special favorite person who helped me alot was Liz. Liz was such a kind helpful person. She made the whole process really easy and smooth. I would definitely recommend everyone to sign up with them. The customer service was on point.

Ms.Michelle was an amazing person to work, with she was kind hearted and eager to answer all my questions, she found me everything I asked for and more, she was quick and found me great prices, diffinetly impressed with this group by far!!!

Ms Michelle saved me hundreds of dollars for my special agent insurance. I love FOXX. Such a fox u are :). Michelle was helpful and responded back to me when I needed her the most!! Thanks again. Bye

Ms Liz calvo was absolutely outstanding on all levels would recommend to whoever is in need of these services!!!!

Ms.liz without a doubt has always went above and beyond to help with everything I needed , always answers the phone !!! Couldn’t be happier with her customer service!!! Highly recommend calling and speaking with her . This company with certainly continue to have my business because of Ms. Liz Calvo. Thanks again ms.liz!!!

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