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Church Specialist
If you are in a position of authority within your church, you should know that all insurance coverage is not the same.  Many churches are not properly covered when it comes to liability, or property issues....

$15 a month Dental Insurance
We can write Dental Insurance plans for as low as $15 a month.  With companies such as Humana, Blue Cross, Aflac, and many others, we have the dental plan to fit your budget.  See Debra or any of her staff for information on this and other health services available from FLM Insurance....

Life and Disability Specialist
Our agents are Life and Disability professionals, that will review your needs with you, and present options to you, that are affordable, and appropriate for your requirements, now, and into the future.  Afterall, future needs are what insurance is all about....

DUI, SR22, Tickets?
With more than 20 auto carriers, we can find insurance for the most extreme needs.  Whether you have a DUI, need an SR22 filed, are a youthful operator needing coverage, or maybe you need coverage for that special, or vintage vehicle, call or drop by any of our locations to get a professional quote, that is sure to fit your needs....

FLM Bonds Specialist
FLM Insurance now has the capabilities to write all types of BONDS.  From Title Bonds, Contractors Permit Bonds to Bid-Bonds, and Performance Bonds, we can handle all of your business bond needs, quickly, and professionally....

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