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13422 Clayton Rd 203
St Louis, MO 63131
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Electric Bike
Okay, you just received an Electric Bike (EBike) for Christmas or you just purchased one.  Are Ebikes covered by your homeowner insurance?  NO!!!! They are not covered as they have a motor.  If an Ebike stolen from garage, is it covered?  NO!   What is best way to cover an ebike?...

roofs on homes
If you have replaced a roof on your home be sure and let your homeowner insurance company know.  Many companies give a discount based on roofs age.  As time goes on the discount is reduced.  Any questions contact Flanigan Insurance at 314-727-6000 or email the agency at dflanflanins@yahoo....

Flooding & Homeowner Insurance from 7/26/2022 11" storm
Parts of the St Louis region received as much as 8" of rain in 6 hours and a total of 11" in 24-hour period beating a record from July 1915.  Amazingly, after hundreds of car rescues from trapped/stranded motorists many homeowners found basements filling up with water....

Water damage
Last month a homeowner, with a sump pump, had a large tree take out power lines no damage to his home's exterior.  While power was out for 20 hours during all day rain in Saint Louis the sump pump well filled up and over flowed causing water all over the recently finished basement new wood floor....

my car is totaled, now what?
When a car is severely damaged, it can take 30 days or so before a car is deemed a total loss. The insurance companies have a process; unfortunately, it can take 30 or more days.  This process should not take this long, typically it is due to misunderstandings by insured and company as who's responsibility it will be to do the various things....

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