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Preventing Liquor Liability Claims
Preventing Liquor Liability Claims   For any business that serves, sells, or distributes alcohol, Liquor Liability is a vital coverage to have. Liquor Liability provides coverage for third-party bodily injury and property damage claims such as assault and battery, and legal costs that arise from serving alcohol to a person who is intoxicated....

Employee Dishonesty Coverage
Employee Dishonesty Overview   Employee Dishonesty is an important part of a Commercial Crime policy.  Any business with employees is at risk of having property, money, or securities stolen by employees. Commercial Crime policies include Employee Dishonesty coverage and provide comprehensive coverage for this loss....

Commercial Crime Insurance Overview
Crime Insurance Overview   As a business owner, your business is vulnerable to losses due to burglary, forgery, fraud, and theft.  Losses could come from employees or a third party.  Commercial crime insurance will cover business-related crime losses such as theft, robbery, forgery, embezzlement, misrepresentation fraud, and other crimes related to the business....

How to Integrate Data Analytics Into Your Business: A Proven Approach
How to Integrate Data Analytics Into Your Business: A Proven Approach   By Stephanie Haywoodof My Life Boost   Data is the lifeblood of any business today. Without it, there is no way to analyze trends or make strategic decisions. But while the volume of data today is astounding, managing it all can be a herculean task....

Insuring Your Home-Based Business
Insuring Your Home-Based Business   A significant percentage of businesses are home-based.  There are a lot of advantages to running a business from your house but like any business, you need to make sure you have insurance....

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