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Storing an Antique Car
If you have an antique car, you understand the insurance risks your car faces. It often takes a lot of money to keep and maintain the car. If you lose the vehicle to a covered peril, it may cost you a lot of money.  Covering an antique car with insurance can protect them from many risks....

How to Pick a Beneficiary for Life Insurance
A beneficiary is an individual you assign to receive the proceeds from a life insurance policy. What does this mean? Life insurance pays a death benefit at the time of your death. The policy names a specific person to receive those funds. You choose who this is. But, who you select needs to be a personal decision you make wisely....

Why a BOP May Be Right for Your Business
Have you heard of a home and auto insurance bundle? Well, a business owner’s policy, or BOP, is a similar policy bundle for small to medium businesses. BOPs provide the coverage that business owners need, wrapped up in a tidy bundle with a single premium price....

Preventing Burn Risks In Your Business
A burn is a very painful occurrence, and severe burns can easily be life-threatening. Burns open the risk of infection, disfigurement, chronic pain and ongoing medical costs. They’re nothing to take lightly.   Burns can happen anywhere, including your workplace....

Ways to Protect Electronically Stored Client Information
Nearly every business operates primarily over the internet. Even businesses that are more physical store and share information electronically. While this makes information quicker and easier to access for employees, it can also make it easier to reach by those with bad intentions....

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