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Please Read Before You Rent an Electric Scooter
Please read this article before you rent an electric scooter.  You may not have coverage.  Please contact our office so that we may address any coverage gaps prior to renting a scooter.   For Immediate Release: October 18, 2019 Get Ready for Electric Scooters: Who is Responsible?...

Warm Weather Prep
We always prep for winter weather; but do you do the same for summer weather?  Click the link below for some good warm weather prep around the home from The Hartford. Preventing Home Damage, Dealing with Pests, Indoor Safety and much more https://extramile.thehartford.com/home/maintenance/warm-weather-tips/ ...

Attention to Our Safeco Customers!
Flo Technologies offers Safeco customers a $125 rebate upon professional installation when they use the unique promo code Safeco07320395 at the time of purchase. Click the link to learn more.http://www.meetflo.com/safeco...

Enjoy financial security with Life Insurance
Financial needs change with change in one's life stage. Whether it's your marriage, children's education or retirement years, you need money to get through the various stages of life comfortably. Life insurance helps you meet these requirements and prepares you for unforeseen expenses....

How to Get the Best Rates on Life Insurance
Life insurance is supposed to provide peace of mind. But for many, the approval process gives them nothing but nightmares.  The cost of life insurance varies depending on an applicant’s health history. According to a recent survey, smokers, on average, pay more than three times for the same policy than non-smokers....

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