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I have had auto and homeowners insurance with this agency for years. I always speak with Lisa Vincent, who has always been so helpful. At one instance I was coming there to make a payment and because I’m disabled- Lisa came out to my car to get my check so I didn’t have to get out of the car... such kindness shown!

Great and fast response. Saving me hundreds a year!! Awesome!

I have gone through many cars being a college kid that commutes from Detroit to Oakland University 6 days a week while working 4 different jobs, and First Independent responded immediately when purchasing my new vehicle two weeks ago with a GREAT price of full coverage insurance. My agent is always there whenever I need help with something!

We are a small design/build business and First Independent has been extremely helpful and informative in assisting us with our insurance needs.

Been doing business with them for years. Commercial etc... always helpful and on the ball.

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