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Fearnow insurance has the best customer service in the industry. I purchased a brand new car and contacted my insurance company. I left a request for a return call and didn't receive one. To say I was frustrated is the understatement of the year. I was truly tired of substandard service.I did a online quote request from Fearnow Insurance and within minutes of submitting my request Joseph Boyle was the agent and he helped me get my new car insured, got better prices for my other car and then took on the task of revamping my homeowners insurance which ended being more coverage at a $600 savings. I cannot say enough or thank Joe and the team at Fearnow. They have a customer for life!


I like to deal with people I trust. That's why I deal with Fearnow Insurance for my home, automotive, even my business insurance needs. Call us and save on all your insurance needs. Making insurance great again.


When I call Fearnow Insurance, doesn't matter who I get on the phone. They know who I am, they know who my family is, they understand what my needs are. They care about me as the customer. Call now, be better protected, put that hard earned money back in your pocket.

Thanks so much Joe for getting back with me after hours to ensure that we were taken care of before the weekend. It was after 5pm on this Friday evening, with a hurricane looming and I thought no one would get my voicemail until Tuesday. An hour later Joe called to make sure I had been helped, which I hadn't yet, so he took care of making the needed changes to our auto policy. Thank you so much, one less thing to worry about this weekend!!

When Fearnow Insurance shows their worth is when you are in trouble and need help.Dealing with Matt in the office is a pleasure.They are more than just "talk" when you need their service,they are the best.

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