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37 W Burnside Ave.
Bronx, NY 10453
(718) 584-8400

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As a school crossing guard, I take my job very seriously. These are my kids and love them. I love community and if I remember Ez Vision Brokerage had been part of it. I have my insurance with them. They know me and often they stop the say hello and commend me for what I’m doing. We are team serving our community and preparing our future generation of leaders.

There are other places that sell insurance, but at Ez Vision Brokerage they sell more than a policy. From Paul to other members of the staff they work with you having your document ready during renewal to being in tough throughout the year. A reminder when needed to a salutation on important occasion to me. I appreciate it and had recommended my family and friends to Ez Vision Brokerage because of that.

I’m proudly part of Ez Vision Brokerage’s family. I mean that it’s a family because that is how I feel. I see that everyone is treated with respect. I had referred my family members as well as my coworkers and they feel the same way. I highly recommend Ez Vision Brokerage when it comes to insurance matters. The staff knows you and I like that. I’m important to them.

I do have my insurance my with Ez Vision Brokerage for that last 20th years. Throughout those year I do not have anything other the praise for them. My renewal documents are always ready on time. They are honest, excellent customer service and the staff is always cordial to me. More important they keep me informed about any relevant issue relate to my policies.

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