Executive Insurance Agency

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6900 Alma 190
Plano, TX 75023
(469) 229-9080

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Hassle free service, available all the time, to the point, professional and responsive. I have purchased general liability, business insurance, car insurance, home insurance, umbrella insurance from Ray with no issues ever. He saved me lots of money on premiums and i recommend them to everyone.


The best car insurance company I've ever had. It's extremely professional, very efficient, and friendly. thank you Mr. Madani

Fast and easy to get hold of them. They respect your requests on how u want your policy to be.
I saved over $500 on two cars and home policy this year. 
I'm very happy that my friend refereed me to this company

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Services Offered
Auto Life
Business & Commercial Limousine
Commercial Auto Renters
General Liability Trucking
Health Workers Compensation