E. A. Funk And Associates, Inc.

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1919 Middle Country Road, Suite 300A
Centereach, NY 11720
(631) 467-4747

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Have had excellent service and the best pricing for many years now. Best in the business!

They made everything simple for us! I would recommend them to all businesses or people looking for a personal policy.

The people at the Funk Agency are very professional with a personal touch. They are always available to answer any concerns and to make changes on my policies.  I highly recommend Eric Funk and his stall for all your insurance needs.

Eric and his staff were very professional and efficient. We needed to make some last minute changes to our policy before it expired and they all made it happen effortlessly. I will certainly be calling them to help with our other insurance needs.

We have worked with Eric and his team for many years.  They are trustworthy, always ready to help when we need assistance and exceed our expectations.  Most importantly - very kind.

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Services Offered
Auto Homeowners
Bonds Recreational Vehicle
Business & Commercial Restaurant
Construction Workers Compensation