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Does Farm Insurance Cover Cattle?
Having living creatures under insurance is a unique requirement for many farms. If your farm primarily makes money from animals and cattle, you could face heavy financial loss if something happened to your livestock. Without the appropriate insurance, you could face replacing your livestock and cattle out of pocket, which can be incredibly expensive....

Church Insurance
Churches need unique insurance coverage to protect their property, employees and vehicles. Choosing the right coverage is vital to the financial health of your organization. Connect with an Eitzen Agency Inc. agent to learn more about how you can protect your church financially. What Coverage Do Churches Need?...

Is a BOP Right for Your Small Business?
A business owner’s policy, or BOP, is a great insurance solution for small- to medium-sized businesses. This type of policy is favored because it bundles the most common coverages into one policy, with one premium as opposed to paying for policies a la carte....

3 Reasons Why a Farmer Should Get Farm Insurance
Farm insurance is also known as ranch insurance, crop insurance, livestock insurance and farm rental insurance. Known mainly as farm insurance, it is known by these other names because of what these policies can cover for most any type of farmer.  Farm insurance is there to cover losses on crops, buildings, land or livestock....

Insuring Your Church or Other Religious Center
Just as you would insure your home, car or business, it’s also important to insure your church or other place of worship. Churches have many of the same risks as businesses, along with a few unique risks such as theft of antique artifacts. When shopping for church insurance, make sure the policy you select includes the following coverages:  ...

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