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Itemize your belongings
It’s a lot of work to itemize your belongings. The list of clothes, electronics, kitchenware, and the list goes on…Itemizing can be quite intimidating and extremely time consuming. However, it’s better to do them now than later. This is probably the last thing you want to think about doing when dealing with a claim....

Vehicle rental reimbursement
The typical rental reimbursement coverage is noticeably inadequate in the current marketplace. Before the pandemic, it was common to get a vehicle repaired within 30 days, and it didn’t matter what brand it was. Well, those days are over, because you’ll be lucky to get the vehicle repaired within that time frame....

Claims - Always be prepared
One of the most important parts of insurance is related to claims. In a perfect world, claims get paid without questions or disputes. But the reality is, it is never black and out. In most commercial claims, there are more exclusions than covered perils. To make matters worse, you discover these truths after a loss....

Underinsurance Penalty or Coinsurance
How does underinsurance penalty come to play, and why does it matter? Shouldn’t consumers be able to choose the amount of coverage they desire? If they only want 50K worth of coverage for inventory, or 100K for loss of income, who’s to say no? ...

ADA compliance
Businesses are ordered to comply with federal laws that would accommodate disabled individuals from mobility, visual, or auditory challenges. If you have a storefront, there must be a way for disabled individuals to access your store. For instance, someone in a wheelchair won’t be able to enter your store using a staircase....

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