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Contract Due Diligence
Contracts are not designed to mutually benefit all parties involved. For the most part, it’s one-sided, favoring one party over the other. And nobody wants to read them because they’re lengthy with legal terminologies that sound like a foreign language....

Happy New Year!
2020 was a memorable year for all of us. And as we head into the new year, we can only hope that the challenges we faced in 2020 would be in our rearview. The pandemic has forced businesses to adapt to the new normal, and at Econo Agency, we have adapted to these changes by investing in technology to continuously service our clients wherever we are....

NY Paid Family Leave changes
As we head into 2021, be sure to update the employee handbook or manual pertinent to NY PFL (Paid Family Leave) benefit changes.  Important numbers to remember!   Employee’s contribution rate is 0.511% of their annual salary, capped at $75,408.84. For Example: ...

"Hard Market"
The insurance marketplace goes through a cycle every few years, and the changes are a response to various signals from the economy. During a soft market, pricing is competitive, underwriting is lax, and there are more players (insurance companies) willing to take on risk....

Social Engineering Fraud
In this age of technology, businesses are susceptible to suffer financial harm from cyberspace activities. Hackers/viruses/imposters can use various methods to financially cripple an organization, and unless you have stringent risk management protocols in place, losses will happen. ...

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