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11436 N. Linden Rd. PO Box 159
Clio, MI 48420
(810) 686-1470

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I am very pleased with the services offered at Eaton. The staff are knowledgeable and very pleasant to work with. I was very pleased with the information about the new changes effective in July.

We are exceptionally pleased with the service we have seen by the staff at Eaton Insurance since we joined their group. I will always be informing others of their willingness to help out and their efficiency.

Looking for great insurance quotes? Eaton Insurance Services is the place for you! With wonderful people to serve your needs and to make sure you leave with a smile knowing you have got a wonderful quote! I have the pleasure to work with Lucy Regis who is always on time with emails and paper work served with a smile!!!


It is a pleasure to do business with Eaton Insurance Services. Their Staff are knowledgeable and personable and their rates are hard to beat!


I have been dealing with Eaton Insurance for several years now. I appreciate their attention to the details of what I need for coverage and what is a waste of my money. Their staff is always friendly and handle all my concerns in a timely manner.

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