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For many families, their RV is their home away from home. However, no matter how frequently or not you utilize your RV, it is vital that you take the proper steps to protect your investment by purchasing a specialized RV insurance policy. The mistake many RV owners make is simply adding their RV to their auto insurance policy....

Mold: a quiet but rapidly growing environmental exposure
At first glance, mold may seem unassuming but for commercial property owners, mold can be a highly problematic hazard that presents significant environmental risk. Although frequently associated with the aftermath of natural disasters, mold is much more likely to result from routine maintenance issues such as leaky pipes or HVAC malfunctions....

3 tips to guard against construction defect claims.
It’s an unfortunate truth: few building owners and general contractors have managed to remain untouched by the impact of construction defect claims – despite continually striving to deliver quality projects safely, on time, and within budget. ...

Assume the Risk or Push it Down
By Ross Driscoll Jr. Originally Published in C&R Magazine, May/June, 2022 The environmental insurance landscape for restoration contractors is constantly evolving. Whether carriers are updating policy forms, increasing rates, becoming more restrictive, or in­creasing underwriting standards, the one thing that is always constant is change....

Why Do Teenagers Pay So Much for Car Insurance?
It is a well known fact that teenagers pay the most for insurance compared to almost any other age group. Some people don’t know why they are paying so much for their child’s insurance, however, and knowing the reasons can help you save money on car insurance when insuring a teenage driver....

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