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We've been in business for 40+ years and always appreciate a professional and quality business. Dowd is always responsive and answers all our insurance questions. We would recommend them to anyone.

-Audino Construction

Buying insurance can be a hassle. Except with Dowd insurance. They are professional, client-focused, and provide quality service. They make the process quick and painless which makes it easy to recommend them.

I have been with Tom Dowd for my Insurance needs since 1990. His service and integrity are outstanding.

Dowd Insurance Agency has taken excellent care of both our auto and home insurance needs for years. With four autos to cover, including two young adult drivers, Tom and his staff have been quick to help us find the best coverage at the very best rates available!

Sam and the team are very responsive and are great solution providers for both personal and business needs. I highly recommend them for any insurance need.

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