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"We have been clients of DJW for many years.  We met Toby through our church and have enjoyed having him take care of our personal and business insurance needs.  He is personable, professional, and always available, even

by cell if he's out of the office.  We belong to a few professional veterinary associations and at many conferences we are asked to allow other companies that are affiliated with the associations give us a quote with "special pricing".  I have to admit that we have let them compare a few times, but DJW always meets or beats their rate!  I know we are in good hands and would recommend DJW to anyone that appreciates personal service and a relationship, not a "1-800" number."


Kristin Plauche', DVM

Lafayette Veterinary Care Center


"DJW Insurance Agency, represented by Mr. James Perez, has served the St. Mary Parish School Board as group benefits program consultant since November, 2010.  He has provided timely advice and assistance relative to the renewal of our medical insurance program as well as to assist in the renewal of other employee benefit programs including life, dental, vision, and long-term disability insurance.  He additionally reports policy trends regarding claims to the Board on a quarterly basis.  Mr. Perez also assists us with remaining in compliance with our 457 and 403(b) plans and regularly helps employees with account service issues. In addition to all of these services he has been instrumental in providing guidance in regards to the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act."


"Our District is very fortunate to have established a relationship with DJW Insurance Agency."


Alton Ray Perry, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

St. Mary Parish School Board


“DJW Insurance Agency is a must with Joe and I because we own and operate our own electrical business for thirty years and must be commercially insured! DJW’s employees are people who care about customer's needs and steadily strive to  make it their priority! Joe and I know most of the workers on a first name basis from Kara, Blair, Chelsea, Michelle to  Janice.  Any one of these young ladies will be glad to help you and are assets to their company! We will continue to do business with DJW because to them, we are not just a number!”

"I have been a customer of DJW since 2008 and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  All of the staff are very professional and prompt with replies to my questions.  I have had a few claims and in every occurence, my expectations were exceeded with regard to all aspects of the claim.  I would highly recommend DJW as an insurance agency that truly cares for their clients."

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