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New No Fault: PIP Changes and What Else?
No Fault in a Nutshell, Part II   Happy Fall!  It's been awhile since my prior post due to an extremely busy summer here in Leelanau, even with Covid-19 going on!  My prior post covered the first portion of the changes on the new no fault law, the PIP changes....

What Do the No Fault PIP Changes Do for Me?
NO FAULT IN A NUTSHELL...Part I Updated: May 27, 2020 Many of you have been wondering what the upcoming Michigan No-Fault PIP changes will entail and what this means for you.  Well I'm here to help answer your questions.  The best way to grasp the changes in the new law is to first understand what coverage you have under the existing law....

Why Buy Water Backup Coverage?
Why Buy Water Backup Coverage? This is a question we often hear when we are presenting a homeowners coverage with this endorsement added.  In order to understand why you need the endorsement, you need to first understand what your basic homeowners policy covers and does not cover.  ...

Woodpeckers, Porcupines, Bees and More!
Help! I've got woodpecker damage on my home!    Bees infested my attic and honey is dripping down the wall!  Raccoons chewed holes in my house!  All of these statements are usually followed with one question to the insurance agent..."Am I covered?...

Invisible Killer: Preventing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Invisible Killer:  Preventing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning   Every winter we hear more about it, but you can't see it, it's invisible.  You can't smell it either, it's odorless.  You can't even taste it, but it can and does kill many each year.  What is "it"?  Carbon Monoxide Gas....

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