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2022 Medicare Costs
From time to time, people decide to stay with Original Medicare.  Original Medicare is Part A and B on the (red, white and blue) Medicare ID card.  It's called Original Medicare because when Medicare was signed into law in 1965, this was the entire health insurance program.  ...

Medicare Advantage: Summary of Benefits
The blog will help you better understand the Summary of Benefits which comes with your Medicare Advantage plan.  Here's an explanation of some words and phrases found in this document.  Medicare Advantage, which is Medicare Part C, use provider networks....

Medicare: Money Back On Your Social Security Check
During the 2021 Annual Enrollment Period (AEP), most of the questions I fielded from customers were about the commercials that suggest they might be able to get money back on their Social Security check.  The commercials are referring to their Medicare Part B premium which is collected by Social Security....

Medicare: Medicare Supplement Insurance
The commercials advertising Medicare plans have multiplied over the past year.  While they may sound the same, the fall into two basic groups: Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare Supplement Insurance.  The commercials which feature many extra benefits at no cost, and lots of $0 copays, are Medicare Advantage plans....

Medicare: Those Free Extra Benefits
This blog will discuss and clarify the extra benefits that come with Medicare Advantage plans.  Which Medicare Advantage plans are being advertised?  Are extra benefits, such as vision, meals, and dental really free?   What Plans Are Being Advertised? ...

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