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2022 Medicare Costs
Sometimes, people decide to stay with Medicare Parts A and B and not enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan or Medicare Supplement Insurance.  Medicare Supplement Insurance can be expensive and Medicare Advantage plans have provider networks. ...

Medicare Enrollment Periods
There are designated enrollment periods when people can apply for Medicare Parts A and B; Medicare Advantage plans; Medicare Supplement Insurance; and Prescription Drug plans (Medicare Part D).  These five enrollment periods provide an introduction.       ...

Medicare Supplement Insurance
The television commercials which advertise Medicare plans fall into two basic groups: Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare Supplement Insurance.  Those which feature extra benefits and $0 copays are Medicare Advantage plans.        ...

Medicare Advantage: Summary of Benefits
This blog will help you understand the Summary of Benefits (SB) that describes your Medicare Advantage plan.  Medicare Advantage is also called Medicare Part C.  Every Medicare Advantage plan has an SB.  It helps answer the question, "Is this plan for me?"  ...

Medicare Advantage: Free Extra Benefits
You've seen the commercials with an 800 number to find out about those free extra benefits that don't automatically come with Medicare.  The agent you speak to will want to sell you a Medicare Advantage plan.  Two popular plans are HMOs and PPOs.*   ...

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