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Which of These 8 Types of Smart are You
Jaime Kaufhold                 Lucky you!  You’ve probably been subject, at some point in your life, to a standard test of Intelligence Quotient (or I.Q.). This sort of test is, generally speaking, a measure of the ratio between your mental age to your chronological age....

There is much debate about poverty, the poor and how to solve the ills of the human condition. Much of the discussion is about who and what is responsible for the condition and who should repair the damage and how. Thomas Sowell has long been a favorite of mine ... he has said the following....

Why "Teachers Pay Teachers" is Great for Education
I’m tired of the rhetoric. I’m exhausted from the conversation. I’m so over the “ethical debate”. If a teacher creates something of value and wants to sell it to another teacher, they should not only be allowed to do so, but also encouraged to do so. ...

Memory Storage of Your Brain
"A Cloud-Based Expansion to The Memory Storage of Your Brain"  by Paul Sokol.  If you don’t know what Evernote is, the core idea is a cloud-based Note system. Think like sticky notes, but digital and they can be accessed from almost any device that has an internet connection....

Tech Tools for the Classroom
It has been three weeks now since my last post in The Educational Web Tools section. However, I have saved several titles to include in today's post and I hope you will find them useful in your plans to integrate technology into education....

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