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Making significant financial commitments for horses can include high levels of risk. Like any other business investment, these animals must be protected and insured, but unlike many types of inventory or property, using horses for business purposes may be subject to various additional hazards, such as disease and injury....

Farm Insurance and Security for Barns and Outbuildings
Think of how much it cost you to construct a barn, silo or equipment garage. You don’t want to watch that investment be destroyed in a tornado or go up in flames in a fire. And to make matters worse, you certainly don’t want someone to enter these buildings and damage them or steal the items inside....

The Basic Essentials of Crop Insurance
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What Insurance Do You Need on a New Farm?
Starting a new farm is an exciting but expensive venture that offers as much risk as it does reward. This is why insurance is recommended for farmers to protect their assets and income in case of a lawsuit or accident. However, not all insurance policies are created equal and it is important to find the right policy for your farm’s needs....

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Farms and ranches face unique types of risks compared to other businesses, as they often involve keeping live animals such as livestock. According to insurance, livestock may include:  Buffalo  Cattle  Bison  ...

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