Corbett & Associates Insurance Agency, Inc.

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3205 Old Conejo Road 1st Floor
Newbury Park, CA 91320
(877) 569-3799

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I have been with Corbett & Associates since the mid-1980s. I started with them for automobile insurance. I now have all my insurance through them, auto, life, home, and business liability. Their service is incredible. As an independent agency they are always looking for top companies that can give me the coverage I need, at the lowest premiums. I have recommended others to this agency, and everyone has been as pleased with their service as I have been.

First off, I need to comment on the professional atmosphere when first interacting with the branch as a whole. During my initial experience with Corbett & Associates, I immediately got the sense of relief knowing that my coverage needs were going to be fulfilled in MY best interest. Weston Corbett has helped me decipher through insurance terms and coverage in order to ensure all of my belongings I've worked hard for are covered. The most valuable thing I can pass on to a future customer would be this: Weston is not a salesman, he will provide personal service to you and treat you like family. This is the kind of service I've always heard my parents talk about and is amazing to know that this kind of relationship is still possible today.

Corbett Insurance in general are wonderful brokers -- fair, honest, competetive, etc. -- everything you would hope for and expect in an insurance company.

Our agent Kelly Pink in particular is fabulous. She has been able to help us some very tricky commercial insurance / builders' risk waters, time and time again. Kelly is super-personable, sharp and hardworking and responsive -- always willing to go the extra distance to find us the right coverage, the right price, answers to our questions and concerns, etc. To be honest we are often not the easiest of clients because we are so busy, but we always have known that Kelly has had our backs.

Mellissa stayed late on a Friday afternoon far passed 5 o clock to make sure I could get a policy set up. Thanks to her I was able to get my new car in time for the weekend. Thanks so much Mellissa and Corbett & Associates!

After the California fires, our homeowner's insurance was cancelled and Kelly Pink was the only agent in my neighborhood who could find me a policy. I've met a kinder, more informative agent to responded to every question and call. 100% ethical, with top notch advice. Lover her...try her!

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