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Keeping Your Commercial Auto Insurance Costs Affordable
Businesses that own or operate vehicles need commercial auto insurance; there’s no way around it. It will be there to help you protect your company from significant financial losses when unexpected, unavoidable issues arise involving your vehicle(s).   ...

Understanding the Costs Within Group Health Insurance
If you get group health insurance through your employer, you’ll both bear responsibility for some of the costs associated with the plan. Sometimes, you’ll pay out of pocket. Other times, your insurer will pick up the check. How do you know what’s your responsibility to pay as an employee?...

How Long Do You Have to File a General Liability Claim?
Every business should have general liability as part of their insurance policy. This coverage provides compensation for bodily injury or physical damage you may directly or indirectly cause to someone else. It offers medical expense assistance as well as helps with legal expenses relating to lawsuits....

What is a Surety Bond?
A surety bond is a way to make sure that a contract is completed in the event of contractor default and is a way for contractors and project owners to protect themselves.   When a project owner, known as an obligee, seeks out a contractor, known as a principal, to fulfill a contract, it is up to the contractor to purchase a surety bond....

How is Non-Profit Insurance Different than Business Insurance?
Even if you’re providing free services to the needy, you’ll likely need nonprofit insurance. It’s important to maintain comprehensive liability coverage so that your non-profit is well-prepared to run smoothly in the event of a financial disaster.  ...

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