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1746 Pass Road
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I don’t want to worry about whether I’m “covered” when it comes to insurance and I also don’t want to overpay for products of the same caliber. The team at Coastal Select made sure that my coverages were more than adequate for my needs, made sure I had a top rated insurance company, and then saved me almost $200 a month just on my auto policies. I’ll be moving my home insurance along with my boat, atv, and rv insurance over in the coming months. It’s nice to know I can do all of my business under one roof, locally, with a trusted military veteran owned company. I’m a retired veteran and customer of Coastal Select Insurance here on Pass Road in Biloxi. They served and still serve our community! Thanks Royal!

My husband and I have been with the same agent for years and after I come to realize that we never hear from them until it is time to do a renewal and that agency doesn't even call us to find out what we are happy with, what we are not and see what changes we may need, we decided to move our policy. We chose Coastal Select for many reasons. Karleen and Royal are top notch. They truly showed a level of care that was beyond just getting the policy written. It has been extremely comforting to receive their personal care and honesty on what we should and could do in moving our policy. We are so glad we did. It the long run, we ended up with additonal coverage we needed and paying a lower cost. I also appreciate their follow up even after the policy was written. I believe we will have a long term relationship with Coastal Select Insurance. I would recommend them to anyone.

Karleen Southard was amazing!!! Was extremely anxious about finding affordable insurance when purchasing home. She made sure everything was taken care of smoothly and efficiently. Didn’t have to do any work. She even calmed my insecurities with the purchase of home as a hurricane was coming in. Made contact right after to make sure everything was okay and if we needed anything. Truly amazing!!!! Thank you so much!

How important is it to you that people keep their word? I like to know when I do business with someone they will call me back, or do what they say they will do. Coastal Select Insurance does just that! I signed on with them a few months ago and all my questions and concerns were addressed quickly and directly. Royal Spragio is conscious and a man of his word. He will do what it takes to give you the best price for the insurance that fits your needs

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