Coastal Louisiana Insurance

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1669 Lobdell Ave Suite D1
Baton Rouge, LA 70806
(225) 389-6024
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Offering benefits to your employees is essential
Protecting your businesses’ biggest asset. Perhaps what I love most about my business is helping other small business owners feel empowered to make insurance and financial decisions that will make their lives better. It scares me, however, that a number of small businesses that I talk to provide no employee benefits, or only health insurance to their employees....

Building A Community
Perhaps it comes with age, but as another birthday passed last week, I found myself contemplating my life and my last year. I found myself wondering what would come next-for my family, for my business, and for our community. I also found myself thinking about what I would write (my long overdue) blog about....

Life happens once, do it right
Life happens...a quote we've all heard, and probably even contemplated once or twice. Heck, it's even the slogan for a non-profit (https://lifehappens.org/) that advocates for average Americans to protect their incomes and families' livelihoods. There are times that we are reminded that the antithesis of living happens too....

Committed to the Community
Coastal Louisiana Insurance centers its values around people in every aspect of life. This weekend we went to Maison Des Amis to serve Sunday lunch to the residents there. Maison Des Amis is a shelter for about 35+ residents that have been left homeless in the Baton Rouge area due to a variety of mental illnesses....

A thought on a Friday in November 2020 A.D.
Imagine it's 5:15 PM and you've been invited over to your neighbor's house for a cocktail.  (Remember those days?)   As you cast about for a matching pair of socks, your spouse cautions you against "holding forth on either politics or religion."  That might create unnecessary tension....

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Auto Life
Business & Commercial Motorcycle
Dental Other
Flood Renters
Health Watercraft & Boat