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One of the most important types of business insurance policies you can have for your business is general liability coverage. Even if your business is based out of your house, you still need general liability coverage, which your homeowners insurance won’t cover.   ...

Commercial Auto Insurance for Couriers and Messengers
A courier or messenger moves parcels and documents from one area to the next. This service is increasingly in demand. Businesses need to move documents from one location to the next fast and they don’t have time to wait for the mail.   ...

How to Determine Property Coverage in Your BOP for Fluctuating Inventory
Part of a business owners policy is commercial property coverage, which covers the physical assets of your business in case of an accident. Each business has a different range of property that has different values, so policy limits and coverage will change depending on your needs.  ...

What Insurance Does a High Value Home Need?
A high value home is a home that is valued higher than average, typically above $750,000. Categorizations of high value homes may vary depending on your location and your insurer.  On average, your type of coverage for a high value home will be the same as a typical home, but with higher limits....

When Should I Drop Home Insurance Coverage?
Since home insurance isn’t generally required by state or federal law, many homeowners may consider dropping their coverage once the option is available. However, this isn’t always the best choice, nor is it recommended. In general, your home insurance coverage is usually only required by a lender if you have a mortgage on your home....

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