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Your Essential Supplies When Flooding Threatens
Homes can flood in many severe weather situations. Water damage might prove to be some of the most expansive and expensive damage any homeowner can face. Before a flood strikes, homeowners should do what they can to prepare for such events. What are some of the protective measures you should take? ...

How It Works Every homeowner policy covers household contents. However, the way contents are covered varies greatly depending on the type of policy. A cash-value homeowners policy means when you file a claim, your lost, stolen or damaged items will be paid out at a depreciated value....

Hurricane and Storm Coverage
Hurricanes and storms can cause devastating damage to Florida residents and their properties. Florida homeowners know that one hurricane or severe storm can potentially destroy their homes and possessions due to the state’s coastal location and near-sea-level terrain....

Does Flood Insurance Cover Mold in Florida?
In some areas, flood insurance is extremely important in order to pay for extensive damages. Unfortunately, most homeowners’ policies don’t include flood coverage, leaving residents vulnerable to the element....

How Much Insurance Do You Need for Your Home or Condo in Florida?
In the event of a disaster, it’s crucial to have enough homeowners insurance to help pay for necessary repairs, reduce costs if you can’t live in your home while it’s under construction and replace your damaged property. Call C.J Noel....

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