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Auto Insurance Costs and the Points on Your License
Your driving habits often impact how much you pay for auto insurance. The best way for car insurance agencies to know how safe of a driver you are is to use your driving record. Your state's department of motor vehicles collects this information. It includes any instance in which you break the law while behind the wheel....

Business Liability and Your BOP Policy: Ways to Stay Protected
  Cover Your Inventory  Whether it’s via a BOP or a separate insurance policy, your inventory should be your priority. This includes any items you use to maintain or sell products. It can also include the products, themselves. Additionally, inventory covers any materials used to produce your products....

Who Needs Professional Liability Insurance?
  What is Professional Liability Insurance?  Professional liability refers to accidents of professional negligence that may result in a client losing money. Professional liability insurance covers the expenses related to these risks.  ...

Coverage Options for Your Farm's Livestock
    Within these three options, you will also need to know what the insurance covers. Talk with your agent about comprehensive coverage that can include accidents, sickness, theft etc., and limited coverage that can include natural disasters, animal attacks and heating system breakdowns....

Does Farm Insurance Cover Cattle?
Farms are unique businesses which face a variety of risks that are different from usual business risks and need the appropriate coverage to reflect their needs. Many of these insurance policies, known as farm insurance policies, also include coverage for livestock and cattle.  ...

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