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Chichester insurance is very efficient and professional. They are always friendly and willing to answer questions. Highly recommended.

Keith has been taking care of me and my family's insurance needs for over a decade - home, auto, umbrella, and related. He provides great customer service, reviews different options, explains what we are paying for and why various elements of a policy or coverage can help us. He has helped me out in several instances where we need to file a claim and he always made sure we did not receive slow service or the run around from claims adjustors, etc. He knows his team and works well with them. He is the definition of a Trusted Advisor and I will remain a client of his for as long a I can and would recommend him to anyone that I know.

Always helpful!

For me it is a no brainer to have Chichester Insurance Agency cover my house, vehicles and boat's. Not only does Keith go above and beyond to find you the best rates and protection possible, the customer service is always top notch because you aren't just a policy number to them, you are a friend and neighbor. Thank you Keith and Ashley for all you do.

Nice, but need discounts on Insurance

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Services Offered
Auto General Liability
Business & Commercial Homeowners
Commercial Auto Recreational Vehicle
Contractors Specialty Automobile
Farm Umbrella Coverage
Flood Workers Compensation