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I wanted to thank you for lining us up with our new carrier.  I know it’s early days yet, but I was impressed with the level of responsiveness they showed and [we] have already utilized the new vision plan and was surprised and pleased by what it covered.  In fact, that was the first time I was able to utilize a vision plan!  We were always happy with our former carrier, but so far, I think this new carrier was a great find for us.  Thanks again!

Throughout my years, I have worked with other brokers and can say without hesitation that Centric and the staff there are the best.

It is the utmost confidence that I recommend Brian Reilly and Centric Benefits Consulting to any school district looking for a new insurance broker. 

I truly appreciate you going above and beyond for me. I can honestly say that having Centric as our broker has been a joy and no, I have never been able to say that before in the 35 years I have worked at Hillsborough BOE.

We are very happy with Centric Benefits Consulting as our broker. Brian Reilly and Beth Anne Donald are members of a team of professionals that have benefited our school. The added services such as the benefit website and client portal, both unique to us, have been useful additions to our overall package. We are looking forward to working with Centric Benefits for many years to come.

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