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Timothy Caldwell

I am taking time out of my busy schedule to say, "THANK-YOU", to Mr. Chavis Lipscomb & his team of personnel at C&E Insurance Solutions. "THANK-YOU", for making sure I got the needed Auto & Life Insurance Policy, I so desperately needed. "THANK-YOU", for the professionalism I found, while doing business with your company. "THANK-YOU", for the time and money I saved , in comparison to the other companies I had spoken with. Thank you again! Phil Caldwell


Tykechia Dickerson-Lahey

Thanks C&E for helping with my business insurance coverage!


corey springs

Great service. Will continue doing business here




Charles Moore

 I was seeking new insurance and lucked up when calling Mr. Chavis, great personable customer service and attention to what I needed. I really appreciated the fact of him not trying to oversell me anything that was not necessary. In fact in his presentation was so good and straight to the point, I added renters insurance. I’m looking forward to doing more business with his agency, definitely will be referring family and friends.

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