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When Do I Need Commercial Auto Insurance?
As an individual who drives a car, you know that every vehicle on the road must be insured in accordance with state laws. The same goes for vehicles that are owned, rented or leased by businesses. From making deliveries to making sales calls, any vehicle that is used for business purposes will require commercial auto insurance....

Is it Time for a Homeowners Insurance Checkup?
When you purchased your home, you likely purchased homeowners insurance at the same time; and if you are like most homeowners, you have not thought about it since. Here are some questions to discuss with your independent insurance agent to make sure your policy fits your current needs.  ...

Insuring Your Teen Driver
If you’re the parent of a teenager who is getting ready to climb behind the steering wheel, insuring them can be an expensive endeavor. This is because the risk of motor vehicle crashes is higher among 16- to 19-year-olds than among any other age group....

Workers’ Compensation Premium Audit Tips
At the end of every workers' compensation policy period, insurance carriers conduct audits to ensure that paid premiums accurately reflected a business’s operations over the duration of the policy period. This is necessary, because premiums paid at the beginning of the policy period are only estimates based on projected payroll and assigned employee classification codes....

What Should I Add to My Business’ BOP?
A business owners policy (BOP) is designed to combine a variety of important coverage for small businesses in low risk industries. While these policies come with basic coverages, they are also flexible to allow business owners freedom to add and adjust insurance coverages tailored specifically for their business....

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