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I highly recommend MikeJakob and his team at Carriage Trade. They really are an extension of our Church providing us with a myriad of information on topics ranging from Human Resources to Covid-19. He is always accessible for any issues that arise and negotiates favorable rates with our insurers annually.


Like many of you, I struggle to find savings across many of the administrative needs of the organization. Like many of you, I also receive calls from vendors claiming that they can provide not only savings but “personalized” service and availability whenever they are needed. Often, I have found myself to be disappointed when the “personal service” terminates upon the signing of the contract!!

It is for this reason that I am writing; to share with you the comfort, support and pleasure that I have had in working with Michael Jakob of Carriage Trade Insurance Agency, Inc.  Michael and his team at Carriage Trade is a business that “gets it” and one that truly understands the needs of the nonprofit community. Carriage Trade has been Lutheran’s insurance broker for several years and he and his team are always available to me, my CFO, HR Director and General Counsel whenever we need him. Carriage Trade communicates with us regularly either in person or via email and often shares information concerning insurance issues in the sector.

Michael’s work also includes providing us with viable alternatives when insurance companies increase their costs without advance warning. He has also provided counsel as to how we could reduce costs by making minor changes in our operations, office design, etc. Just recently, Mike on his own investigated our payments to the State Insurance Fund and was able to get a reduction of 22% in our premiums!!

For those of you who know me well, you know that I am not one to give faint praise for individuals for “doing their job”. But in Carriage Trade Insurance, I have a reliable advocate, a positive relationship and an incredible professional that helps Lutheran Social Services of NY save money. His skill sets and expertise gives me one less thing to worry about. Something that we all need during this challenging time.

I strongly recommend Mike Jakob and Carriage Trade Insurance Agency for all your insurance needs. Give him a call, ask questions and mention that Damyn sent you!!

Have worked with Mike Jakob on the Board of the Floral Park Chamber of Commerce. He devotes time to building the businesses in Floral Park. He also is very active in community events and making the local community aware of issues and making it better.


Carriage Trade Insurance handles the insurance for Youth Sports Program and have been outstanding in their response to our inquiries and making suggestions for proper coverage. They are highly recommended.

Duffner and Voigt has been a customer of Mike Jakob for over 30 years. Mike and Carriage Trade understand the complexity of the Wood Manufacturing business. They know the difference between a "Shaper" and "Moulder". This may sound trivial - but this level of understanding helps them help us. We know we get the best coverage and value in our insurance policies. We highly recommend Mike and Carriage Trade Insurance Agency.

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