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99 Tulip Avenue 404
Floral Park, NY 11001
(516) 358-5600

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Have worked with Mike Jakob on the Board of the Floral Park Chamber of Commerce. He devotes time to building the businesses in Floral Park. He also is very active in community events and making the local community aware of issues and making it better.


Carriage Trade Insurance handles the insurance for Youth Sports Program and have been outstanding in their response to our inquiries and making suggestions for proper coverage. They are highly recommended.

Duffner and Voigt has been a customer of Mike Jakob for over 30 years. Mike and Carriage Trade understand the complexity of the Wood Manufacturing business. They know the difference between a "Shaper" and "Moulder". This may sound trivial - but this level of understanding helps them help us. We know we get the best coverage and value in our insurance policies. We highly recommend Mike and Carriage Trade Insurance Agency.


Our School and Church have been dealing with Michael Jakob at Carriage Trade for many years.  I have always found Mike to be very helpful and concerned with any issues I have.

He guides me when I have a problem with filing any kind of forms for any of the insurances we have.

His willingness to “go the extra mile” makes Michael and Carriage Trade a wonderful partner for us.





Dear Mike,  Just a note to thank you for all your help with our insurance needs.  We appreciate you going above and beyond to give us so much help with our medical insurance planning even though you really did not get much business out of the effort.  Also, thanks for the guidance with our liability, fire and damage coverage.  It is good to have someone who is so professional and that is looking out for us.  Thanks again. 

Very truly yours, In Christ

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