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Los Angeles , CA 90010
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       Hello my name is Mark Kalish and I am the owner of Auto Sport Auto Sales In Riverside. Let me tell you what Julliet Adesuyan means to me. I have been with Julliet for two bond renewals for my dealer licenses, and in both bond renewals, there were problems, instead of helping like other companies I dealt with in the past. Mrs. Julliet Adesuyan took care of the problems for me, and went above and out of her way to help me. She is a very honest person and very nice, always there to help. I will only give my business to Julliet. If anyone wants to ask about this fantastic lady please call me.


The provided service was fast, courteous and very professional. I am glad to be working with such a knowledgeable agent.

The services received from Cal Society have been exceptional and pleasant. The personal attention has brought our business relationship closer.

Precise Comfort Inc.

It is a pleasure doing business with Cal-Society Insurance. Folks at your office are always friendly, helpful and very timely in addressing all our needs. It is nice to know that an insurance agent who is always available to help and work with us to get  quotes and required documents close by.

-Lenax Construction Services

Sacramento Auto Sales Sends all our customers to Cal Society Insurance Services Inc.for their Insurance needs ,Best Prices In CA!!!

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