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Understanding Guaranteed Standard Issue Disability Insurance
When you take a new job, you will eventually become eligible for benefits, which might include guaranteed issue disability insurance. While you might not fully understand this benefit, and you might feel tempted not to enroll in it, you need to always consider its perks.  ...

Why You Need Income Protection
Most of us don’t think much about sustaining an injury that leads to a long-term or permanent disability. We also generally don’t think about what we would do if we were to be diagnosed with a chronic illness....

How Much Does Income Protection Cost?
Income protection insurance premiums vary depending on several factors, including your age, gender, occupation and tobacco user status. This is because income protection premiums are primarily calculated based on how likely you are to have a claim.  The higher risk you are of having a claim, the more you may pay for income protection....

Disability Insurance is not the Same as Workers’ Compensation
If you are working on establishing your employee benefits package, then you might wonder whether disability insurance is an appropriate investment. You might think that your workers’ compensation insurance is adequate for times when an employee sustains an injury or disability, and that this additional coverage is not the best investment....

Common Questions People Ask About Income Protection Insurance
Common Questions People Ask About Income Protection Insurance You probably view your paycheck as your lifeline to stability throughout your life. So, what happens if you become disabled and can no longer work? What if your paycheck dries up? No one should have to worry about what they would do if a disability forces them off the job....

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