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If there were 6 stars to give I would have given them so I can only give 5. BrightStar stands out by a long shot compared to other agencies. Their professional expertise, perpetual commitment & guidance, and genuine care makes them an entity that you would never want to change. They are definitely your long term agency for agents and clients.

Brightstar is a great home for new or experienced agents. They have both local and national support and have been of great assistance when it comes to growing my own business. Thank you Brightstar for always looking out for your agents!

Providing me with access to the best carriers, resources and tools in the market, Brightstar has been the perfect place for me to grow and nurture my business. A big thank you to Keith and Steve for all of their support along the way in helping me achieve my business goals. This has been a great journey and I look forward to more growth and success in the years ahead.

Always great to work with!

Gail is always there when you need help or have questions, they are committed to help their agents grow their business, I am very satisfied with them!

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