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The Benefits of Using an Independent Insurance Agency to Get Car Insurance
If you are in the process of registering your car, you’ll most likely have to buy car insurance. The law requires every driver to carry minimum levels of coverage. It’s an important mechanism to always help the policyholder behind the wheel.   ...

General Liability Insurance for Retail Stores
Running a business means creating a friendly, welcoming environment focused on the customer. No one should feel unsafe by entering your business. Still, should something happen to them, they might blame the business for their losses. Your commercial general liability insurance could help cover customer losses....

How Does Disability Insurance Work?
Disability insurance is designed to cover your income if you are no longer able to earn money through work due to a disability.  Disability insurance may only cover a portion of your paycheck, however. You will not receive the full paycheck on disability insurance as you would if you were normally working....

Property Insurance For Rented Storefronts
It’s is often a wise decision to rent your business’s office or storefront, given that you don’t have to take on the full responsibility of ownership that comes with buying it outright. However, renting does not mean that you don’t have to buy property insurance for your company....

What Is Mortgage Protection Insurance?
Many people have mortgages on their homes, and they are a budgetary obligation most homeowners don’t take lightly. Mortgage lenders are typically not forgiving if homeowners miss their mortgage payments. But unforeseen events can happen, such as your untimely death....

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