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As a business owner, one of the largest annual expenses is insurance coverage. Insurance coverage is considered a necessity, yet the cost is considered a major undertaking.
The majority of our 35 years in business have been insured by Benton-Luttrell Insurance. The personal service we receive from BLI has never been questioned. No matter the extent of their involvement, we always receive prompt and thorough responses. We value our relationship with Roger Luttrell and his impressive staff.


I would like to pay a compliment to Roger Luttrell of Benton-Luttrell Insurance.  Roger has done an outstanding job of providing my company with excellent all-around service.  He has furnished me with excellent coverage for my business with excellent rates.  He checks in to make sure I am satisfied and that my policy is covering the needs of my business and rates are good.  This year I added health insurance to my portfolio of benefits for my employees.  Roger quickly aided in helping me get this up and running.  He personally made a trip to Lubbock, Texas – over 360-mile trip – to facilitate getting all employees signed up. 

Roger Luttrell is truly an excellent agent.  He goes above and beyond.  I highly recommend Roger and thank him for his service to Clean Can.   I hope to continue a long relationship with Benton-Luttrell Insurance.


We own and operate a small company in Sherman, TX that manufactures custom products used down hole in the wellbore during the oil well completion process. Companies whose products are used in the oil industry require very specialized insurance. This type of insurance is difficult to acquire as most insurers will not even touch anything oil related.

Jack Wylie met with us at our workshop to perform an in-depth analysis and risk assessment. He gathered detailed information on all the products we build for submittal to various insurance companies for review. Once Jack established he could provide our company with the proper insurance coverage, we met with Jack and an entire team of Benton Luttrell professionals to review and discuss our options. The team was friendly, thorough, and outstanding. Benton Luttrell took the time to interpret our customers specific insurance requirements which we must comply with to be an approved vendor.  

It was an easy decision for us to choose Benton Luttrell. Jack Wylie keeps in touch with us on a regular basis for which we are greatly appreciative.


I am happy we went with Jamie Bunetto as our Insurance Broker, him and his team were truly a crucial part in the closing of our latest apartment acquisition. Jamie was very thorough in explaining the policies and pivoting as the changes were thrown at us. I highly recommend anyone give him a shot and you will not regret it!

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